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Wearing sunglasses not only protects your eyes from harmful UV rays but it’s also a great addition to your style. So it’s important to understand how to wear shades to enhance your looks without hurting your personal image.

We have put up a quick guide to sunglasses etiquette outlining the main dos and dont’s of wearing shades.

Don’t wear sunglasses indoors

This is probably number one tip, that anyone wearing sunglasses should know. A lot of people still fail to follow this simple rule though, which makes them appear unprofessional and impolite. Sure, there are people who have to wear sunglasses all the time because of some medical issues. In this case you can just explain the reason behind your look to avoid misunderstandings.

Don’t wear shades at night

What can be worse than wearing sunglasses indoors? That’s right, wearing them at night! Sunglasses may enhance your appearance and there certainly are sunglasses that are so stylish you don’t want to take them off. We do understand that. But all of that doesn’t mean wearing sunglasses at night is acceptable. You might think you look elegant, but people are more likely to think you’re covering a black eye or something.

Don’t wear them on your head

Most people wear sunglasses on their heads in order to easily put them on/off. Some use them as a hair accessory. Some use them to draw attention. Anyways, it is not appropriate to wear shades on your head in public places and especially to business meetings. So yes, if you wouldn’t wear your shoes (or any other accessory) on your head, then do not wear your glasses on your head either.

History of Sunglasses Banner
Clean your sunglasses

Dirty sunglasses are just as annoying as dirty shoes, which is why we have this point in our etiquette guide. It’s important to know, that cleaning your glasses with your shirt is very wrong – there is a 100 percent possibility that your shirt is covered with dust, invisible, of course, but it may scratch your glasses. Also it is not recommended to clean the glasses with your breath – there is a good chance you will just spread the dirt all over the glasses. There’s an ultimate easy tip for cleaning your glasses/sunglasses: hold the glasses under running warm water, then clean them with a clean napkin or any cotton cloth.

Choose sunglasses that match your face shape

If you want to look good in any type of glasses you need to find the frames that match your face shape best. There are a few easy-to-follow tips to choose the right glasses for each face shape. And you can also use our virtual mirror to try on different sunglasses and see which one suits you the most.

Buy only geniune sunglasses

Wearing fake sunglasses is wrong in so many ways! First of all, fake shades are not going to protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation and can even cause eye diseases which is absolutely not what you wish for. They look cheap and don’t do any good to your image. And finally it’s much better to own a single pair of high quality original sunglasses then a huge collection of fake Ray Bans.

The good news is you do not have to spend a fortune on a pair of original sunglasses. Here at globaleyeglasses.com we offer a variety of high quality shades with UV protection at very affordable prices!

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